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After 18 years of being in the packaging industry, I can admit that I am an expert in my field. I have the attention to detail of an artist, ambitious and have a vast knowledge of manufacturing skills on various packaging material. I feel proud that my clients have faith in me and my team to make every project flawless.

I work diligently to keep ahead of the trends and new manufacturing technology and methods, and always try to streamline and improve our productions skills, which is 70% handmade and very labour intensive.

Without a great team behind me, Paper Explosion would not be nearly as successful as it is today. We run like a well-oiled machine and working together for so many years, has made us a family who support and encourage each other.

Our skill in manufacturing packaging is self-taught throughout the years with experience, troubleshoot, thinking out of the box, and improving our expertise daily. Our workmanship is a restrictive trade with no tertiary education or courses. Expertise and comprehension of material and outcome is the best attribution we can advise on.

Our clients consistently drive us to work on industrious concepts and unique packaging solutions and keeping us on our toes to continuously improve and push our skill. Every order however big or small gets our full attention.

We are grateful for every one that assisted in our journey and looking forward to more accomplishments for the future.


Maryke Davel

Owner. Mother. Fashion designer. Graphic designer. Packaging designer.  Aspiring artist.

I am, a mother, business owner, Fashion / Graphic / Packaging designer and aspiring artist. I am creative, driven and hard working. I have patience, understanding and very particular on what I create. If it may be a Logo design, painting or original wedding stationery.

I started Paper Explosion 18 years ago with a dream. Not once did I ever imagine where it could take me…

I love my job!

I feel most comfortable behind the scenes knee deep in paper offcuts, rulers and pencils., working on templates, new production procedures and sharing innovative designs and ideas with my team.

That is where I excel. Being able to think out of the box, and with all my manufacturing experience, we can make almost any client brief come to life from taking the concept on paper to a final product.

I love a  challenge!

I realised that I am more product orientated. To create a product that exceeds the client’s expectations. I love to add little detail and add more value to any project. A box is not just a box; it is the container for a product for a gift or a special event. A wedding invitation is not just an invitation, it is the first impression to one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and sharing that with your loved ones, a truly noteworthy event in your life.

My future dreams are that I can share my skill with my clients and continue creating amazing products every day.


Refined original design from concept development to finished product.


Bespoke individual handmade products. Handmade with skilful, care and love


We commit to sharing our soul with our personal and professional knowledge through our highly specialised practical skill

Beautiful Work

Your work is beautiful, we will be your brand Ambassadors from now on.

Sipho & Esther

Bride And Groom

To Our Dearest Super Supplier PAPER EX!

In the Rush of today’s times we would like to take the time to THANK YOU! We think our greatest achievement is the partnership we have and are forming with you. We are nothing without your incredible partnership. We are forever grateful & May this partnership only grow from Strength to Strength. Please thank your Entire Team on our behalf and here’s to many more years together!

Not Just


Rock my Packaging World

This lady is my rock in all my packaging needs! Quality and exceptional work... Always out of the box and exactly what we ordered... On time.

Magda van Rooyen


Original Designs

Maryke does quirky original designs. I was very impressed with her work and would use her again.

Lucia Holmes

Business Owner

Uitstekende Werk

Wow !!!! Ek is sooo gelukkig met ons troukaartjies. Binne n week klaar gemaak . Dit lyk uitstekend ! Maryke jy en jou span mag maar. Beveel hul sterk aan vir enige iemand.

Gina Stoop

Bride to be