Chip Board

The type of packaging boxes we specialise in goes by alternative names such as Rigid Boxes, Gift Boxes or Presentation Packaging. The technical description is paper over board. In simple term, we make use of a rigid board and wrap the paper, with a wet glue method, around the outside of the assembled box.
The primary material we use to make our boxes is called chipboard; a compressed recycled board. Chipboard comes in various thicknesses, and each box will require a specific board to get the required end product.
The most popular chipboard we use for most of our primary packaging is the 1200mic chipboard and is suitable for small to medium and large size boxes.
The 1800mic chipboard is more suitable for larger boxes and to protect heavier products.
The 2300mic chipboard is the perfect thickness for presentations boxes, files, book boxes and book covers. It is the thickest board available and is ideal for more bespoke packaging needs.
We will be able to advise you on what chipboard will suit your packaging needs best.

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